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Our Services

Court-Appointed Conservator of the Estate

Deborah has a great deal of experience managing the assets and financial matters of a person whose affairs are being overseen by the Court.

Court-Appointed Conservator of the Person

Deborah serves as a caring, compassionate advocate to assist a person with their personal care, housing and medical care.

Trustee / Successor Trustee

Deborah Garcia is licensed to serve as Trustee or Successor Trustee in managing or administering the assets and responsibilities outlined in a legal Trust document.

Banking / Bill-Paying / Bookkeeping

Deborah manages the affairs of people who need help with everyday money management, records management, bookkeeping, bill-paying, and banking.

Representative Payee with the Social Security Administration

Deborah receives monthly social security income on behalf of her clients and serves as legal representative for them with the Federal Government and commonly pays their bills. 

The current hourly rates for licensed fiduciaries range from $135 – $145 dependent upon the task being performed. The hourly rates for unlicensed staff range from $65 - $75 dependent upon skill level and experience of the staff member performing the task.